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Dong Yugan




Dong Yugan  董豫赣  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart





 Dong Yugan  董豫赣 was born in China.


- Professor at the Architecture Research Center, Beijing University, his passion


for Chinese gardens, and his analysis of Modern and Contemporary Architecture


published in various magazines, attract many students.


- Architect


Achievement or project : Water affinity House - Qingshui Guild - Knee Garden -


and the private museum that the two collectors Yan Shijie and Cao Mei asked him


to design in the North-East of Beijing : Red Brick Museum.


- 1 building of 2 floors and 1 basement with red bricks


- Creation of a landscaped garden


20.000 m2 of which 10.000 m2 for exhibition



23.05 Opening of the Red Brick Museum Beijing  China.


Danièle Sicard



Dong Yugan  董豫赣


Made in China  

Made in China

Aquitectura Viva


Dong Yugan, Lei Tao Architect Studio,


Liu Kecheng, Hua Li


in spanish in english


30 x 24 cm


132 p


isbn : 8437010613166





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