Chinese artists by Michel Nau - An Dong  安栋   





An Dong




An Dong
安 栋 was born in China, where he completed studies of Art.


He is artist and writter.


Now, he is living in Vancouver BC Canada.

  Danièle Sicard


 An Dong  安栋  -  Portrait of a Chinese chats  -  Charcoal on sketch paper.

An Dong  安栋  -  Portrait of a Chinese chats  -  Charcoal on sketch paper


 An Dong  安栋 -  Painting  -  2013

An Dong  安栋  -  Painting  -  2013     


 An Dong  安栋  -  Painting  -  2016

An Dong  安栋  -  Painting  -  2016



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