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Wang Shuhui




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Wang Shuhui  王叔晖 ( 1912-1985 ) was born in August in Tianjin, in northern China.


Her family is from Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province.


She studied traditional painting in Beijing, under the direction of Xu Yansun

  and of Chen Shaomei.


After the founding of the Republic of China, she participated in the creation


of New Year's prints, then illustrated albums, the lianhuanhuas of an educational


propaganda nature.




She mainly represented women ( heroines, warriors, lovers )


The History of the Western Pavilion and the Peacock flying towards the South-East


were very appreciated, in March, at the 2nd National Exhibition of Fine Arts.


She worked for the Publishing Houses: Xinhua, People's Fine Arts.



She died at the age of 73.



Wang Shuhui  王叔晖   Le rendez-vous - détail

Wang Shuhui  王叔晖  -  Le rendez-vous ( détail )



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