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Li Jinfa




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Li Jinfa  李金发 ( 1900-1976 ), pen name of Li Shuliang, was born on November


in  Guangdong Province, China.


He studied in Guangdong Province, then in Hong Kong and in Shanghai.



He moved to France.
  He joined the school of Fine Arts in Dijon, then E.S.B.A. in Paris.


With other students:  Lin FengmianWu Dayu, Liu Jipiao, Wang Daizhi and Zeng Yilu,


He founded the Phoebus Company,  artistic Movement, at the origin of the Chinese


Art exhibition that took place on May 21, at Palais du Rhin inStrasbourg.



Poet, influenced by Baudelaire and Paul Verlaine, he wrote more than 300 poems,


during his stay in France, who will have a great impact in the literary world, after


their publications, on his return in Beijing.


His frequent visits of the Luxembourg Museum, decided him to devote himself


entirely to sculpture.



First order on his return to China : the bust of Cai Yuanpei.



He taught at the Fine Arts school in Shanghai.



He taught in Hangzhou School of Fine Arts.



He moved to the United States, in New Jersey.



He died on December 25, in New York, at the age of 76.



 Li Jinfa  李金发 -   -  Statue of Huang Shaoqiang  -  1936 collection Museum of Contemporary Art - China Art Academy  Hangzhou

Li Jinfa  李金发  -  Statue of Huang Shaoqiang  -  1936
collection Muesum of Contemporary Art - China Art Academy  Hangzhou



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