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Hu Wei




 Hu Wei  胡伟  -   portrait  -  chinesenewart



Director of the China Artists Association

Committee chairman of Comprehensive Materials Painting and Conservation
and Restoration Arts



Hu Wei was born in Jinan, in Shandong Province, China.


He received a Bachelor's degree and began teaching.


He went to Japan and worked with Professor Hirayama Ikuo, the President  of Tokyo


University of the Arts, in the research on the comparison of Chinese and Japanese Fine


Arts and  the preservation and restoration of ancient painting.



He graduated with a Master's degree in Fine Arts, from Tokyo University of the Arts.


He continued his studies and obtained a Doctor's degree of Fine Arts.



He served as Deputy Curator in National Art Museum of China.

He took part in Art concept design project of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies


of the Beijing Olympic Games, and Olympic Fine Arts in London Olympic Games.



He is Professor at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and doctoral Supervisor
  of School of Art, at Renmin University, Beijing.




Exhibitions  selection



Hu Wei  Solo exhibition  U.N.E.S.C.O. headquarters


19.12 03.01  Reconstruction  Today Art Museum  Beijing  China


30.12 04.03  Toward The Emergence Of Resistance  Taikang Space  Beijing  China


21.09 04.11  Father: “Tomorrow, Don’T Act Smart With The Boss, Find Out What He Wants First"  


exposition individuelle  Wyoming Project  Beijng  China


10.05 29.06  Formless Thingness  Solo exhibition  Tang Contemporary Art  Beijing  Chine


25.05 31.08 The Exhibition Of Annual Of Contemporary Art Of China 2018  Minsheng Art Museum

  Beijing  China


25.10 23.02 2020  Sunset On A Dead End  - The Notorious And Their Inexplicable Modes Of


Existence  Contemporary Art Museum  Shanghai  China

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

Danièle Sicard


 Hu Wei  胡伟  -  Mists Over Huangshan  -  Xuan Paper, ink, silk  -  2015

Hu Wei  胡伟  -  Mists Over Huangshan  -  Xuan Paper, ink, silk  -  2015  


 Hu Wei  胡伟  -  Mists Over Huangshan ( detail )  -  Xuan Paper, ink, silk  -  2015

Hu Wei  胡伟  -  Mists Over Huangshan ( detail )  -  Xuan Paper, ink, silk  -  2015


 Hu Wei  胡伟  -

”  Father: "Tomorrow, Don't Act Smart with the Boss, Find Out What He Wants First."
 胡伟  Hu Wei  -  21.09 04.11 2018  Wyoming Project  Beijng


 Hu Wei  胡伟   - Formless Thingness  物墟 象浑 10.05 29.06 2019  Tang Contemporary Art  Beijing poster

物墟 · 象浑  Formless Thingness  -  胡伟  Hu Wei
10.05 29.06 2019  Tang Contemporary Art  Beijing



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