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Zhang Zhenyu




Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart




Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇 was born in Hunan Province  China.


He studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing ( oil painting department ).



He graduated from the C.A.F.A.


2007 / 2008

He scraped off the front page of the newspapers of the People's Daily and then


the China Daily,  to remove any information function..



He used as material in his works, the dust of the streets of the city ( reminder of


pollution, the consequence of rapid urban development ) and crushed it, to obtain


a shiny, smooth and smoky surface.

  He lives and works in Beijing  China.

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Solo exhibitions  selection



08.12 23.01 Xun Art Gallery Beijing  China


30.07 09.09 Dust Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum Chengdu   China


Dust II Yallay Gallery Hong Kong   China


Collective Exhibitions  selection



19.05 31.07 On Gallery Beijing  China


21.12 28.02 Omnipresent Concrete Hunsand Space Beijing  China


15.06 15.07 XXL Art Paris Beijing On Gallery Beijing  China


Post- Calligrpahy in ChineseContemporary Art Kunstraum Villa Friede Bonn  Germany


Chinese New Painting at Post-Financial Crisis Era Changjiang Museum Changjiang  China


34.09 25.10 Natural Growth Chimney Art Center Shanghai  China


30.10 02.11Trace Tang Contemporary Art  Hong Kong  China


08.11 12.11 Shanghai Contemporary Art fair Art 021 Shanghai  China



Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇


Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇


Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇


Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇


© Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇- catalogue Dust   Zhang Zhenyu  
  Catalogue accompagnant l'exposition Dust  

Richard Koh Fine Art,  Kuala Lumpur 

  28.10 18.11 2016  
  en chinois, en anglais  
  21 p  



Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇 - 08.12 2012  23.01 2013  Xun Art Gallery  Beijing

张震宇作品展  -  Zhang Zhenyu's Solo Art Exhibition 
08.12 2012  23.01 2013  Xun Art Gallery  Beijing


 Zhang Zhenyu  张震宇 - Dust

灰尘  Dust  -  张震宇  Zhang Zhenyu
30.07 09.09 2016  Museum of Contemporary Art  Chengdu


     I often see the charm in sparkling dust. Dust has always been the substance closest to our life. It’s nature

    and everywhere. It joins cycle of human’s body with the breath… When it falls down,accumulating into a thick

    and dirty form at the same time becoming so light which often being ignored. I also see how urban  dirty form

    at the same time becoming so light which often being ignored. I also see how urban development  changed

    the dust’s nature and lightness, all becomes complex, it’s synonym of desire, disease and desperation...

   Through gathering dust, burnish and polish it repeatedly,the canvas showed a mirror effect, the question

    I’d like  to raise is exactly what you see through it ?  At the beginning of my creation of this series, I tried

    to use the simplest media, only dust and glue, and labor myself heavily to achieve the mirror effect that

    I wish to show in  the work. This is how dust eventually is fixed on the canvas, losing its lightness forever

    but carrying an extra mission of reflecting what things truly are.

    Zhang Zhenyu


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