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Tong Yang Tze




Tong Yang-Tze  董陽孜  -   portrait  -  chinesenewart


Tong Yang-Tze  董陽孜  pinyin  Dong Yangzi 


Tong Yang-Tze  董陽孜was born on October 6, in Shanghai  China. Her family


is native of  Zhejiang Province.


She learned calligraphy and painting at a very young age.



She won the International Calligraphy Prize.




She studied at the Taiwan Normal University ( Fine Arts Department )




Graduated with a Bachelor in Art, she went to the United States to continue


her studies.


She entered the University of Massachusetts and studied oil painting and


the Art of ceramics.



She graduated with a Master's degree in Arts.


She worked one year, for New York Magazine then returned to settle in Taiwan.


She married the landscape painter He Huaishuo ( 1941- ) and held joint exhibitions.


She received the 4th Lion Art Creative  Awards, for calligraphy.

Numerous calligraphy exhibitions in : Germany, United States, Canada, United


Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  To show the place of calligraphy in the modern world, she held crossover exhibitions
  between calligraphy  and Music, Dance, Sculpture, and Fashion.

Danièle Sicard



                          Tong Yang-Tze                                                                            



Tong Yang Tse  董阳孜

Dong Yangzi  -  行草节 "孟子  -   尽心" 句 镜框 水墨纸本



Tong Yang Tse  董阳孜 - 沉墨似金 - 董陽孜作品展.15.04 2006  Eslite Bookstore Art Space, Taipei - invitation

 沉墨似金 - 董陽孜作品展.
15.04 2006  Eslite Bookstore Art Space, Taipei



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