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Cao Xiaoyang




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Deputy Director of the Printmaking Department, Academy of Arts of China
Deputy Secretary of the Zhejiang Province Association of Print-making Artists.


Cao Xiaoyang  曹晓阳  was born in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province.




He graduated from the Print-making department of the China Academy of Art.




He obtained a Master of Arts ( Print-making  department ) of the Academy of Arts of China.



He was at the head of The Foundation Studies Branch of the China Academy of Art.


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Awards selection




Excellence award  at the 2nd Young Artists’ Fine Arts Exhibition of Zhejiang Province


Gold Award  at the 11th Art Works Exhibition of Zhejiang Province.


The Excellent Work  at the 19th National Exhibition of Print Works.



exhibitions  selection



07.01 14.03 Landscape  山水 - 曹晓阳+佟飚双个展 Cao Xiaoyang - Tong Biao Chengdu


Contemporary Arts Center  China


Landscape Tianhong Mei Heyuan Arts Center Hangzhou  China


The Twenty-four Solar Terms Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong  China



 Cao Xiaoyang  曹晓阳



 Cao Xiaoyang  曹晓阳


Cao Xiaoyang  曹晓阳


Cao Xiaoyang  曹晓阳



 Landscape 山水 - 曹晓阳+佟飚双个展 - Cao Xiaoyang+Tong Biao  07.01 14.03 2012 - Chengdu Contemporary Arts Center  Chengdu  -  poster  -

Landscape  山水 - 曹晓阳+佟飚双个展
Cao Xiaoyang+Tong Biao  07.01 14.03 2012   Chengdu Contemporary Arts Center  Chengdu 
-  poster  -


  Tradition can also confuse people. Those who have seen Cao's work often willstart talking about the classical   elegance of Song-dynasty shanshui paintings and mourn the loss of the ancient methods. Painters think about
  his too; it is an inescapable question. However, artists still must paint; and thus they must seek out the traditions
  that exist within their own minds and hearts, and harness the inner wellspring that connects them to the dao of   Nature. These shanshui must be his own shanshui, must be his own tradition, must be his own self: his own   present, in this moment and as it begins to move into the past.

  Excerpted from Shanshui: A View: An Appreciation of Cao Xiaoyang's Art, Sun Shanchun


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