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Zhang Ding




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Président de l'Association des Artistes chinois


Zhang Ding  张仃 (1917-2010) was born on July 7, in Beizhen, Liaoning Province  China.



He entered the Beijing College of Fine Arts to study Traditional Chinese Painting



He joined the team of propaganda cartoonists led by Ye Qianyu and Zhang Leping.

  They held an exhibition in Nanjing and created two periodicals.


He was appointed Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China.


( Arts department )




He began painting and left for three months in the south of the Yangtze with Li Keran


and Luo Ming.


Back, they held a great exhibition.



Appointed chief architect of China Pavilion for the First International Fair in Paris,


he took the opportunity to meet Picasso.



His heroes of a Chinese animated film: Nezha Nao Hai ( Prince Nezha's triumphs against


dragon King ) made him famous.


It was screened, out of competition at the 1980 Cannes Festival.



He was appointed Central Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Crafts.




He died of renal failure in Beijing on February 21 at the age of 93.




Danièle Sicard



Zhang Ding  张仃


Zhang Ding  张仃


 Zhang Ding 张仃 and Picasso  -  Photo 1956

Zhang Ding  张仃and Picasso  -  Photo 1956



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