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Date of creation                           2007

chinesenewart is an information website launched by Michel Nau about atypical visual artists.

For a better understanding of those artists and their production
chinesenewart give for each one of them their biography, list of their exhibitions,
their catalogs, and all information needed in order to understand and appreciate their work better. The website shows some of their achievements
and provides internet users the links to learn more about their approach and/or view works from other artists.



A WEBSITE ACTORS chinesenewart : Artists, visual artists and other individuals mentionned.


The content of the website is the exclusive property of chinesenewart and other individuals mentionned.

Any actor contributing to the websiteretains his copyright on his production and implicity authorizes the free total or partial reproduction

for information to chinesenewart.

chinesenewart reserves thr right to decide whether to publish any content proposed or sent;

According to th law, every actor has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them. 



WEBSITE USERS chinesenewart


chinesenewart is free to all internet users. Only the private use in the family circle and the free distribution in an informative way is allowed.

Any navigation into chinesenewart implies the acceptance of the following terms, and conditions that are subject to change at any time without notice.


All elements of the website (form : tabs, coulors, characters, layout, logos, ans background : editorial and iconography) are reserved

and protected by copyight and intellectual property rights,,under French and international laws. 

Any reproduction and any modification, distribution, publication, total or partial, for free or commercial is prohibited.


Photos, vidéos, are subject tocopyright and cannot be reproduced without written authorization of their authors.


They provide access to other websites.

chinesenewart. can under no circumstances be held liable directly or indirectly for their content, if these sites do not comply witth French  

and international laws and regulations

Illegal content should be reorted to chinesenewart.


The different authors are the one who are liable for their writings.

chinesenewart is not responsible for omissiccuracies or errors in the information provided by the site.

chinesenewart disclaims any responsibility for difficulties to access to the website. 

Applicable Law  

chinesenewart is subject to French law. In case of disagreement, onlythe French courts will be competent.