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Ye Wang







Ye Wang was born in Changsha, Hunan Province, in 1991.


He graduated from the Design department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2013,


at Beijing. In 2017, he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Sculpture


Department of Yale University School of Art.


He has recently participated in group shows at : LUMA Westbau  Zurich, Switzerland


Yale University Art Gallery  New Haven,  United States , CAFA Art Museum  Beijing, West  


Bund Art Center  Shanghai, China.


Ye Wang works in multi-media and interdisciplinary projects that combine video,


program and installation.


Danièle Sicard


YveYang Gallery  New York

Ye Wang



© Chen Kun  陈坤 Waves  -  2014

Ye Wang  -  Waves  -  2014  

 Hunan embroidery string, concrete, video 3:00' looped  -  dimensions variable


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