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Tching Kao




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Tching Kao  高静  pinyin Gao Jing    


Tching Kao  高静  was born in Fujian Province, in continental China.




The family moved to Taiwan.




She studied at Fu-Jen University in Taipei.


Graduated in Literature and French Civilization, she came to France.


She entered ESAM Design in Paris. ( École Supérieure des Arts Modernes )


She graduated in Graphic Arts.


She continued her studies in semiology at ParisVII University.


She graduated with a D.E.A in semiology.


1982 / 2008

Graduated with a PhD in semiology, she was a teacher, and then a lecturer


at the University Paris VII.


She is the author of many reference books on the semiology of advertising,


among which :


La publicité au Japon : Image de la Société - Maisonneuve & Larose editions


Société et publicité nipponnes, kaléidoscope du Japon contemporain  - You Feng editions

  First exhibition of her paintings :


12.10 10.11 Impermanence du signe  Galerie-Librairie Impressions  Paris
  She lives and works in Paris, France.

Danièle Sicard



exhibitions  selection



Salon des Arts Appliqués Maison Lafitte  France


Biennial of Women Painters and Sculptors Grand Palais Paris  France


12.10 10.11 Impermanence du signne Solo exhibition  Galerie-Librairie Impressions


Paris  France



Tching Kao  高静  -  Passagère entre deux mondes

Tching Kao  高静  -  Passagère entre deux mondes


Tching Kao  高静  -  Couple à tête du balai

Tching Kao  高静  -  Couple à tête du balai

© Tching Kao  高静 - Impermanence du signe - Peintures de Tching Kao   

Impermanence du signe


Peintures de Tching Kao


Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhhibition


Galerie- Librairie Impressions Paris  2018


29,5 cm x 21 cm


20 p



© Tching Kao  高静 -  Les quatuors

Tching Kao  高静  -  Les quatuors  


© Tching Kao  高静   -  L'élévation

Tching Kao  高静  -  L'élévation  



Tching Kao  高静 and Michel Nau

Tching Kao  高静 and Michel Nau



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