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Wu Hua




 © Wu Hua




President of the Association for the Development of Culture of China-Europeans Arts,
in France
Assistant Professor of the Institute of Fine Arts in Sichuan

  Wu Hua studied painting at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Sichuan, China.


He came to France to continue his studies in Paris.


He received his doctorate and became a researcher at the Research of characters


and images at Paris VII.


After extensive research on the Chinese history and Arts as well as the Arts


in other cultures, thanks to his concept "Idea-Image", he shed new light on


the non figurative Chinese Art.

  He currently lives in France.

Danièle Sicard



 © Wu Hua


 © Wu Hua

 © Wu Hua

Wu Hua with Michel Nau

Wu Hua with Michel Nau


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